Charter Presentation

After the charter has been received from the International Office, most sponsoring Kiwanis clubs plan a party to officially present the charter to the Key Club. At this time, the officers can be installed. This should be a dignified occasion. The following are some suggestions for conducting this event. Details may be changed to adjust the program to the local situation. Further details are available in the Key Club Manual.

Installation of Club Officers

According to the Bylaws of Key Club International, installing a club’s officers should be done in the spring following election.

Depending upon your club, you may want to have a formal ceremony in the evening along with the induction of new members, or you may want to do it during a regular meeting. The document below will give suggested comments and steps to follow during the ceremony. Option: Include certificates or officer pins during the installation ceremony.

Depending upon how elaborate the ceremony is, you may want to invite a district officer, perhaps your lieutenant governor, to be the installing officer. Members of your sponsoring Kiwanis club, the school principal, parents, and the members of the Key Club should be present. The program should be well planned, but brief and to the point.