Division 1 Andy Hilzinger

Andy Hilzinger, currently a junior at Bradford Area High School, first joined Key Club as a freshman in 2016. Not only does Andy participate in his school’s color guard, but he enjoys playing the piano and spending time with his dog. In his free time, he likes to listen to Brendon Urie, watch Mean Girls, go on bike rides, and participate in service projects. Andy’s favorite service project is baking cookies for his Kiwanis Club’s annual talent show. He is very proud to serve as Lieutenant Governor for Division 1 and can’t wait for the year ahead. Have a question for Andy? Contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 2 Shudipto Wahed

An inquisitive leader, Shudipto Wahed, is a student at North Allegheny Senior High School. Shudipto is very active in his school’s Key Club and especially enjoys tutoring students at the elementary school in his district. He loves Drake, Rick and Morty, soccer, and hanging out with friends. Another thing Shudipto claims to be passionate about is food, however, he pours the milk before he puts in the cereal, so some may find this debatable. Although his future career path is undecided, Shudipto knows he wants to make an impact in his community. He had the incredible opportunity to conduct research at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, and ever since then, he has wanted to make a difference in some way, shape, or form. If you have any questions for Shudipto, please do not hesitate to ask:? Email [email protected]

Division 3 Leah Ford

After participating in Builder’s Club, Leah Ford was excited to take a leadership position in Key Club at Riverview Jr/Sr High School. Over the years, Leah has discovered that her favorite service project is making puffy paint socks to donate to local children’s hospitals. She also enjoys playing soccer and participating in track and field. Something interesting about Leah is that she can use a pogo stick and jump rope at the same time and she greatly enjoys drinking water. In her free time, Leah listens to Ed Sheeran, takes naps, and spends time with her dog and her friends. Leah hopes to attend college in the future and pursue a career that she genuinely enjoys. However, for now, she can’t wait to continue serving her home, school, and community as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 3. Email herEmail [email protected]

Division 4 Seth Merryman

Growing up, Seth Merryman was determined to make a difference. Joining Key Club at Riverview Jr/Sr High School was the perfect opportunity for him. Seth’s proudest moment is when he was elected Lieutenant Governor of Division 4 and he can’t wait to meet many members of his division. Seth runs on his school’s track and field team, collects hats, and loves to travel. When he isn’t helping in his community, Seth is either watching House of Cards, spending time with his family, or listening to Michael Jackson. He hopes that in the future he can continue to serve his community and support his family in whatever they do. If you have any questions for Seth, please contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 5 Taegan Ludwig

Taegan Ludwig joined Key Club at Punxsutawney Area High School because she wanted to make an impact all throughout the world. She loves to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF around Halloween because she can help children that are in need of medical attention. During the school year, Taegan plays on her school’s tennis team and runs indoor/outdoor track. Taegan cannot stand bad grammar and has an irrational fear of walking on sewer grates. In her free time, she likes to watch Harry Potter, listen to Ed Sheeran, and go mountain biking. As well as Key Club, Taegan is involved in Student Council, Math Club, and Foreign Language Club. However, being elected Lieutenant Governor of Division 5 is something that she is most proud of. If you have any questions, Taegan would be happy to answer them! Contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 6 Gracey Gibson

After attending a Key Club meeting her freshman year at State College Area High School, Gracey Gibson was hooked. She is friendly, hard-working, and very service-oriented. Her favorite activity to participate in with her school’s club is packaging bags for the local food bank. Gracey does not play any sports, however, that means she has extra time to spend with her dog, Buddy, watch Netflix, and draw. She loves music and architecture and hopes to one day graduate from college with an architectural drafting and design degree. Gracey is very gracious that she had the opportunity to serve as Lieutenant Governor last year and can’t wait for another successful year ahead. If you have any questions, you can contact Gracey here:Email [email protected]

Division 7 Maddy Reeves

Maddy Reeves, a student at Montoursville Area High School, has always had a passion for service. She joined Key Club with the hopes of bettering and serving the community. Since joining this organization, she has had the opportunity to mentor several elementary school students which is, by far, her favorite service project. Maddy loves to play tennis and has even had the opportunity to compete at States for the sport. In her free time, Maddy is either watching The Office, makeup tutorials on YouTube, listening to Taylor Swift, or hanging out with her family. In the future, Maddy hopes to find a career that brings her joy. She is very compassionate and hopes to spread positivity throughout her Division as her time as Lieutenant Governor. She can be contacted here:? Email [email protected]

Division 8 Kiara Lennartz

Kiara Lennartz heard about Key Club at Shikellamy High School’s freshman orientation. She was previously a member of Builder’s Club and was happy to hear that she could continue her career of service throughout high school. Kiara is an outgoing, courageous leader who participates in cheerleading and soccer. When she isn’t playing sports, Kiara is hanging out with all of her pets (5 dogs, a hairless cat, 3 turtles, and 4 frogs), drinking iced coffee, and going on adventures with her friends. She also greatly enjoys doing her makeup and playing video games. After high school, she plans on attending college and working in the medical field. Kiara is very excited to serve as the Lieutenant Governor for Division 8 and is happy to answer any questions that you may have. Email her: Email [email protected]

Division 9 Addison Kishbaugh

Red Land High School is the home of the Lieutenant Governor for Division 9, Addison Kishbaugh. Addison is very passionate about helping in the community and loves participating in the Youth Day of Caring. He feels that cleaning up local parks is very rewarding, and he loves to see everyone from the community gather together for service. Addison is a member of Red Land’s golf team and likes to hang out with his friends. In his free time, he enjoys listening to Johnny Cash and watching Sherlock. When he grows older, Addison hopes to graduate from college, become a chemical engineer, and retire to Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact Addison with any questions, you can email him here: Email [email protected]

Division 10

Division 11 Michalie Mazurkivich

After being a member and president of Pittston Area’s Builder’s Club, Michalie Mazurkivich knew that she wanted to continue serving through Key Club. Michalie is dedicated, adventurous, and very athletic. She plays lacrosse and participates in several volleyball leagues. She loves listening to alternative music, thrift shopping, and watching The Office. Michalie has many leadership experiences and is a recipient of the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Award. She hopes to one day be fluent in American Sign Language and be able to constantly make others smile. As Lieutenant Governor of Division 11, Michalie hopes to establish personal connections with her clubs. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 12 Kaitlyn Downey

Caring and vivacious leader, Kaitlyn Downey, is a student at Hanover Area High School. She originally joined Key Club because her sister was the Lieutenant Governor of Division 12 the year before. Her sister was always having a great time serving the community and Kaitlyn immediately knew that she wanted to be a part of this organization. Kaitlyn plays tennis and is on the track and field team. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys listening to Post Malone, hanging out with friends, and watching cooking shows on TV. Kaitlyn is a recipient of the Sandy Nininger Award which is a very prestigious award presented to one Key Clubber each year at District Convention. She can’t wait to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field, but for now, she is excited to serve her Division. If you have any questions, you can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 13 Madison Harvey

Madison Harvey is an energetic student at Conrad Weiser High School. She is a member of her school’s marching band and participates in indoor color guard. Madi loves Panic! at the Disco, Stranger Things, Girl Scouts, and Netflix. She has been a member of Girl Scouts for 10 years now and has even been awarded a Bronze Award. Service is something that Madi is extremely passionate about. She has completed over 100 service hours within just one school year. Madi enjoys selling Yuda Bands because she likes knowing that she is making an impact on someone’s education. Her goal is to attend Penn State University in the future, but for now, she wants to make Division 13 the best that it can be. Contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 14 Lauren Kaufman

Lauren Kaufman is a lighthearted junior at Manheim Township High School. She knew Key Club was something that she wanted to try after watching her sister have the time of her life in the club. Aside from Key Club, Lauren is very active in her school’s Mini-THON committee. She is very proud of the work her school has done to raise money and awareness for Four Diamonds. When she isn’t serving the community, Lauren enjoys hiking, watching Friends, and being outside. Not only does Lauren love Key Club, but she is very prideful of our District Mascot, Pinky the Flamingo. In the future, she hopes to continue being a part of the K-Family and impacting people’s lives. She also aims to become a nurse after graduating from college. This is Lauren’s second year serving as Lieutenant Governor and she is happy to answer any questions that you may have! Contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 15

Division 16 Ga Young Lee

Interested in what Key Club had to offer, Ga Young Lee joined Parkland High School’s club as soon as she had the chance. Ga Young’s favorite service project is making puppy chow to fundraise for March of Dimes. She thinks this activity is really fun and she loves the impact that her club is making. Ga Young is a bright and friendly leader who has a reputation of being the (and I quote) “best chocolate bar seller.” As well as Key Club, Ga Young is a member of the Political Science Club and Model UN. She loves Model UN so much, that she founded a summer program for middle school students to get involved before high school. In her free time, she likes to listen to Bruno Mars and learn different languages. As of now, she is fluent in Korean and English, but is in the process of learning Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese as well! Ga Young is very excited to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 16. Contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 17 Abby Bulafka

Abby Bulafka was ecstatic to find out that her school, Daniel Boone High School, had a Key Club. She has always naturally been a service-inclined individual and loves to help in her community. Her favorite service activity is helping at the Special Olympics. Abby loves to see the joyous smiles on all of the athletes’ faces as they compete in many fun activities. Aside from Key Club, Abby loves hiking, dogs, going to concerts, and Brendon Urie. She also loves fundraising for Relay for Life. For the past four years, Abby has raised over $5,000 per year for cancer research. This experience and her passion for serving others has inspired her to pursue a career in the medical field. She can’t wait to serve her division for the upcoming term. If you have any questions for Abby, please contact her here:Email [email protected]

Division 18 Billy Wermuth

Billy Wermuth is an ambitious and dedicated student at North Penn High School. He is very active with Key Club and on his school’s volleyball team. When he isn’t on the volleyball courts, you can find Billy playing the trumpet, watching Netflix, or volunteering at his school district’s elementary school. Billy is very studious; he has gotten straight A’s for his entire academic career and hopes to attend Stanford to further his education. Another fun fact about Billy is that he has been to Japan and loves to travel. He is very excited to serve as the Lieutenant Governor for Division 18 and can’t wait for the exciting year ahead of us. Billy is happy to answer any questions that you may have. Contact him here:? Email [email protected]

Division 19 Romeo Perlstein

Romeo Perlstein is honored to be the Lieutenant Governor of Division 19. He is a sophomore at Upper Moreland High school. Romeo plays the trumpet, participates in his school’s marching band, and is also a member of the jazz band. He's a wrestler and plays tennis for his school. Currently, he is an honors student and tries hard to keep his grades up. Romeo hopes to attend an engineering college and study mechanical physics. He greatly enjoys helping people and is always ready for a new task. In his free time, Romeo likes to draw, practice his trumpet, hangout with friends, and eat! This is his first year as Lieutenant governor and he hopes to learn from all of you, as well as be a helping hand. If you have any questions, please contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 20 Kevin Ming Tao

At Conestoga High School and all throughout the District, Kevin Ming Tao is actively involved in Key Club. Originally, he joined to learn about different service opportunities that go on in his community. Now, service has become something that Kevin is truly passionate about. His favorite service project that his school participates in is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk. It is great to see everyone come together and raise awareness for this cause. Kevin plays tennis, skis, and is partially color blind. In his free time, he can be found eating chipotle, watching The Office, or listening to J. Cole. Don’t ever be rude to waiters around Kevin, it is his biggest pet peeve. In the future, Kevin hopes to graduate from college and pursue a successful career. If you have any questions for the Lieutenant Governor of Division 20, please don’t be afraid to ask. Contact him here: Email [email protected]