Division 1 David Niegowski

David, a dedicated junior from Bradford Area High School, had originally joined Key Club when his upperclassmen friends formed a slowly shrinking circle around him until he signed the paper. Since then, he has grown a love for the organization, and has found that his favorite service project is working the concession stand for Kiwanis Kapers, which is a talent show at their high school held by Kiwanis. Outside of Key Club, David is also a member of McKean County Radio Club and Model UN. David, who likes to say he’s “kind of a big deal”, enjoys watching movies, camping, having bonfires, and going out with friends. Some interesting facts about David are that he can lick his elbow, put his leg behind his head, and he recently traveled to London and Paris. When he isn’t busy, you can David watching “M*A*S*H”, “No Country For Old Men”, or listening to Billy Joel. David's biggest achievement is definitely being known as “Brick Kid”. His goal in life is to leave a legacy he’ll be proud of, and to fly. Want to ask David a question? You can contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 2 Sanjit Beriwal

A senior at North Allegheny High School, Sanjit joined Key Club so he could get involved in the service projects that his club held throughout their school district. Since joining Key Club, his favorite service project has become the annual food drive during Thanksgiving. Sanjit enjoys providing support to families in need in his community by helping with this food drive. Outside of Key Club, Sanjit plays Tennis and also does Taekwondo, which he teaches at his local gym, Debate, Model UN, and his school’s charity dodgeball tournament and Dance-A-Thon. Sanjit has a pilot’s license and this summer will be teaching English to Tibetan refugees in India. In his free time, you can find Sanjit hanging out with his friends or brushing up on his tennis and Taekwondo. Some of Sanjit’s favorites include Drake and West Wing. Sanjit’s goal in life is to make a difference in his community and find ways to help other people. Have a question for Sanjit? You can contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 3 Emma Galiardi

An ambitious senior from Riverview Jr./Sr. High School, Emma joined Key Club after attending a Lock In that her club sponsored. Attending that lock in soon became the best decision of her life because it has allowed her to give back to her school and community through service and leadership. The motivated and open-minded leader has found out through her time of service that creating puffy paint socks for her local daycare center is her favorite service project. She attended the same center as a child so it feels good for her to give back. When she isn’t busy with Key Club, Emma is also a part of cheerleading, soccer, track and field, SADD, Student Council, Health and Wellness, Prom Committee, Fire Safety, Choir, and Dance Team. In her free time, Emma enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching On My Block, and listening to Khalid, Ella Mai, and Lil Baby. Want to know something interesting about Emma? She has a 23-year-old blind Siamese cat, she loves to shop for shoes, and she has chapstick on her no matter where she goes. Emma’s greatest accomplishment was being elected the secretary of her home club for the 2017-18 year because it gave her a chance to learn and serve more. Emma’s main goals in life are to make new friends to grow and make new memories with. Need to contact Emma? You can email her here: [email protected]

Division 4 Madison Ravotti

A senior from Freeport Area High School, Madison originally joined Key Club to help others in her community, but stayed thanks to service projects such as the Awakathon for veterans. She is a hard-working, humorous, and positive person who’s never had a bagel, once touched Brendon Urie at a Panic! At the Disco concert, and watched over three surgeries an arm’s length away from the patient. Madison is very involved in her school, also taking part in lacrosse, Mock Trial, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS), Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Mathletes, Quiz Bowl, DECA, and National Honor Society. Madison’s greatest accomplishment is placing first at PJAS regions and states all four years that she has participated. In her free time, Madison enjoys watching The Office, listening to Billie Eilish, and playing with her dogs. Madison hopes to one day continue helping others by becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. She is looking forward to serving as your Lieutenant Governor this year and if you need anything, she’ll be happy to help! You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 5 Preston Martz

A sophomore from Punxsutawney Area High School, Preston originally joined Key Club because it reflected one of his main priorities: to provide his community with a better environment. One way he’s been able to do this with Key Club is by taking part in his favorite service project, which is sponsoring dances for his local Elementary School to raise money for various organizations. Preston is a motivated, hard-working, and thoughtful student who also is a member of the JV/Varsity boys’ soccer team, Foreign Language Club, Bible Club, and Student Council. Since joining Key Club, Preston knew he wanted to hold a higher role, and having the opportunity to earn the title of Lieutenant Governor is definitely his greatest accomplishment. When Preston isn’t busy with his extracurriculars, you can find him watching Netflix while doing his homework, hanging out with friends, watching The 100, or listening to Ariana Grande. Preston is very excited to see what is accomplished during his term as Lieutenant Governor and is here to answer any questions you may have. You can contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 6 Karalee Tedrow

After hearing so many positive things about Key Club, Karalee decided to give it a shot so she could give back to her community. The senior at Bellefonte Area High School is very optimistic, hardworking, and sarcastic but a natural leader. Her time in Key Club introduced her to many service projects, but her favorite is Day of Caring because they get to go around their community and lend any helping hands to those who need it. Karalee is also involved in Mock Trial, Raider Revolution, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Class Cabinet. When she isn’t busy with her extracurriculars, you can more than likely find Karalee napping. Some of her favorite’s include Grey’s Anatomy, Pink, Khalid, and Post Malone. After high school, Karalee hopes to receive her undergraduate in Criminal Justice and later attend LSU for graduate school so she can one day become a successful attorney in Louisiana, travel, and adopt dogs. Have a question for Karalee? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 7 Ashley Wheeland

A Sophomore at Montoursville High School, Ashley originally joined Key Club to get more involved in community service, but stayed because of the fulfillment she experienced from making a difference for those who need it. Ashley is not only involved in Key Club, but also many different extracurriculars. She dances, is her class President, a member of Mock Trial, Spanish Club, Mini-Thon Club, a Relay for Life team, and Student Government. Some of Ashley’s favorites include Pretty Little Liars, Taylor Swift, Chick-Fil-A, and New York City. In her free time, she enjoys to dance and watch movies. In the future, Ashley hopes one day to receive her PhD and MD. Have a question for Ashley? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 8 Grace Hilkert

Grace Hilkert may only be a Sophomore at Lewisburg Area High School, but you should not underestimate her because of her age. Grace is a studious, energetic, and hardworking individual who, outside of Key Club, is also involved in tennis, basketball, track and field, Mini-THON, and Young Life. She enjoys volunteering at her local food bank because of how hands on it is and how she can see the difference she is making in people’s lives. Grace has a very large family, having 15 aunts and uncles, and she enjoys spending time with all of them as well as her friends. She loves to be outdoors and active, and she also enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy and listening to Khalid. Grace has done a lot in her life to be proud of, but her greatest accomplishment has to be becoming the Division 8 Lieutenant Governor. After high school, Grace wants to attend college to further her education and eventually land her dream job and spend the rest of her life doing what she loves with the people she loves. Grace is beyond excited to be a part of the PA Key Club District Board and she cannot wait to see what this year has to offer for all of us. Want to get ahold of Grace? Email her here: [email protected]

Division 9 Edie Myhre

Edie is a junior at Red Land High School who joined Key Club in 9th grade to connect with new people and serve her community with friends. Key Club has given her the opportunity to take part in her favorite service project: hosting youth nights at her high school. The opportunity to connect and interact with younger children is very enjoyable for Edie. She is a kind, personable, and enthusiastic student who is a part of many other extracurriculars such as golf, martial arts, soccer, Mini-THON, Science Club, FBLA, Student Council, Sophomore Advisory, Student Advisory Committee, and Student Safety Committee. Edie’s greatest accomplishment is having been selected as Red Land’s HOBY representative. Edie is a black belt in Jung Sim Do martial arts, and she enjoys to spend time with her family, exercise, watch The Office, and listen to Lady Gaga. In the future, Edie hopes to go into the medical field and eventually work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. You can contact Edie here with any questions you have for her: Email [email protected]

Division 10

Division 11 Alexa Karlowicz

Alexa is a sophomore at Lake-Lehman High School, where she uses her responsible, friendly, and caring personality to make a positive impact on her club. Outside of Key Club, Alexa is also a member of Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Field Hockey, band, and Student Council. She was the recipient of the Citizenship Award, and hopes to one day graduate as class Valedictorian. During her time in Key Club, volunteering at the CEO food bank has easily become her favorite service project. When she isn’t busy volunteering, you can find Alexa running, listening to Jason Mraz, or watching her favorite television show, Gilmore Girls. Have a question for Alexa? She’ll be happy to answer! You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 12 Ariel Mitkowski

Ariel is a junior at Hanover Area Jr/Sr High School. Growing up she knew she wanted to help people in any way possible, and when she entered high school and found an organization that would allow her to do that, she knew she had to join. In the time that she’s been in Key Club, she’s found that her favorite service project is volunteering in her local Relay for Life events. Ariel is a very caring, productive, and committed individual. Other than Key Club, her extracurriculars include Cross Country, cheer, Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, and National Honor Society. Ariel had the honor of receiving the Sandy Nininger Award at PADCON 2019, and it has easily become her greatest achievement. As a child, Ariel beauty pageant awards for “Prettiest Eyes”. Some of Ariel’s favorites include Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, and Freddie Mercury. After high school, Ariel’s goal is to attend college and become a physician’s assistant. You can contact Ariel here with any possible questions: Email [email protected]

Division 13 Rangeline DeJesus

A senior at Reading Senior High School, Rangeline is a compassionate, hard-working, trustworthy individual. She originally joined Key Club her Sophomore year because a senior that she was a part of another organization with insisted that she wouldn’t regret it. Through her time in Key Club, Rangeline has found that her favorite service project that her club is takes part in is making Easter baskets for Safe Berks Women in Crisis. The heart-warming feeling she gets from the mothers and children receiving the baskets of necessities her club prepares is amazing. Outside of Key Club, Rangeline is also a member of Aevidum and National Honor Society. She is Dominican, is fluent in two languages, and currently working on a third, and loves to travel. Some of her favorites include Rihanna, Reign, napping, and watching Netflix. Rangeline’s greatest accomplishment is winning first place in Highest Individual Service Hours in PA Key Club. After high school, Rangeline wants to graduate college with a law and business background and eventually travel more. Need something from Rangeline? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 14 Elyse Gallagher

Elyse is a junior at Manheim Township High School who originally joined Key Club because she loved the idea of giving back to her community. Through her time in Key Club, Elyse has found that he favorite service project is Elementary Fun Fest because she loves getting to interact with the younger kids. Elyse is a passionate, caring, and adventurous individual, and although she isn’t involved in any sports, she is very active in her school’s Mini-THON, where she is a Design Head for the 2019-20 school year. In her free time, you can find Elyse reading, biking, skiing, and hiking. She is a big fan of country music, with Dan+Shay being one of her favorite artists, as well as Taylor Swift. After high school, Elyse hopes to attend college to study to become a physical therapist. Elyse’s greatest accomplishment in life is becoming Lieutenant Governor of her division. Have any questions for Elyse? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 15 Kayla Bago

Kayla is a senior at Stroudsburg High School who joined Key Club to help the community she loves in any way possible, and it’s the best decision she has ever made. Her favorite service project is called Becca’s Closet where volunteers help to give donated Prom dresses to girls who may not be able to afford a new one. Outside of Key Club, Kayla is also in Student Government, Science Olympiad, FBLA, National Honor Society, Health Science Club, Model Congress, and peer tutoring. Her greatest achievement is making National Honor Society and winning medals at Science Olympiad in her events. She enjoys shopping, traveling, meeting new people, and exploring. Her favorite show is The Officer and her favorite singer is Billie Eilish. After she graduates, she wants to study neuroscience so she can make a difference in people’s lives one day. If you have any questions for Kayla, you can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 16 Ga Young Lee

A senior at Parkland High School, Ga Young joined Key Club when her friends were joining and she realized it would be a fun way to do more for her community. Making puffy paint socks is her favorite service project because it is a lot of fun, but also because her and her friends have a good time trying to make cute designs while partaking in it. Ga Young is caring, funny, and fair, as well as very involved. She is a part of many clubs at her school, which include Lehigh County Youth Advisory Council, Student Rep to the School Board, Political Science Club, UNICEF Club, Amnesty International Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Welcome Pack Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, History Honor Society, and Math Honor Society. Her greatest accomplishment is winning the Junior Study Abroad Scholarship and being one of 15 students in the country to be selected for a $3,000 scholarship towards a 10-day trip to Spain. Some interesting facts about Ga Young are that she was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the US when she was only 3 months old, and she can speak 4 languages and is currently learning her 5th. Ga Young also can’t wake up early to save her life. In her free time, Ga Young enjoys watching Netflix, playing card games, and eating, especially if it’s Extra Toasty Cheez-Its. Her favorite TV show is Jane the Virgin and her favorite singer is Ariana Grande. Ga Young’s life goal is to become a US Ambassador, but most importantly, to be happy. Have a question for Ga Young? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 17 Brady Ferguson

The fun, funky, and fresh senior from Daniel Boone Area High School has always had a passion for service. Before Key Club, Brady would participate in a lot of community service with his family. When reaching high school, a friend had told him to join Key Club, and he immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and people involved. Brady’s favorite service project is Special Olympics, seeing the looks on the children’s faces when they all get together for the event is unlike anything else he has ever experienced. Outside of Key Club, Brady is very involved in his school. His extracurriculars include soccer, track and field, Student Government, Connections, Relay for Life, National Honor Society, Buddy Ball, Varsity Club, Freshman Leadership Network, and Seuss. A lover of the musical Hamilton and the Philadelphia Union soccer team, Brady enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing soccer, and eating Chick-Fil-A in his free time. Brady takes great pride in his Snapchat streaks because every day they are a different joke, and his jokes are very important to him. For 3 of his 4 years in Key Club, he has served as officer or part of the District Board. Brady’s goal in life is to make as many people as happy as he can in any way possible. With whatever resources he has, he wants to impact as many lives as possible. Have a question for Brady? You can contact him here: Email [email protected]

Division 18 Alex Rasmussen

Alex always had the goal of being a positive influence in her community, and she finally got that chance when she joined Key Club. She reached her goal by volunteering more, her favorite form being volunteering at a local elementary school and helping younger kids with their homework. Alex is an organized, dedicated, and methodic junior at North Penn High School where she is also a member of the golf team, Reading Olympics, and Political Activism. In her free time, Alex enjoys reading, watching YouTube, hockey, and golf. Some of her favorites include The 39 Steps, Twenty One Pilots, and Glass Animals. Once she graduates, Alex wants to pursue political science in college and eventually have a successful career that will allow her to travel and influence change in community or company she works for. You can contact Alex here if you have any questions: Email [email protected]

Division 19 Marianna Perlstein

The outgoing, creative, and caring senior at Upper Moreland High School joined Key Club because she realized it could help her build her community. Since joining Key Club, Marianna has met new people and grow as a leader. Her favorite service project has become packing and delivering food with an organization named JRA because of the meaningful relationships developed with the people being supported. Marianna is also a member Student Council Adviser, National Honor Society, Mini-THON Committee, Blood Drive Committee, and Dance. Marianna’s greatest accomplishment is having been accepted into the NYU Future Dancers and Dancemakers Program and having her dance showcased in the final performance. Living an interesting life, Marianna has traveled to Peru to visit family, attended more than 15 concerts, and once owned a pet chinchilla. Her favorite singers are One Direction and Frank Ocean, and her favorite show is Parks and Recreation. After she graduates, Marianna wants to go to college and then travel the world; however, her main goal in life is to be an important role model to others. Need to ask Marianna a question? You can contact her here: Email [email protected]

Division 20 Anqi Wang

A very motivated student, Anqi is a senior at Conestoga High School. She first joined Key Club because she was passionate about volunteering and wanted a way to be able to help others. Outside of Key Club, Anqi is also involved in peer mediation, National Honor Society, Mudder’s Club, and Science Olympiad. Although she is not involved in any school sports, Anqi enjoys different forms of exercise such as weight lifting and long distance running. Anqi enjoys volunteering at the hospital and food bank because they are both good ways to help people in need. Since first moving to America from China 2 years ago, Anqi has volunteered more than 260 service hours and takes a lot of pride in that. When she isn’t busy volunteering or exercising, you can find Anqi practicing piano, listening to Bruno Mars, or watching her favorite movie, Forrest Gump. Anqi’s main goal in life is to find her real passion and become someone that can contribute to society. If you have any questions for Anqi, you can contact her here: Email [email protected]