Division 1

Division 2 Ana Key

Ana is an ambitious, devoted, and adaptable student from the North Allegheny Senior High School. She was born in Venezuela, is bilingual, is learning how to drive stick shift, and has been using the same reusable water bottle for two years in a row. Ana joined Key Club because she knew she wanted to volunteer but didn’t know how to get those opportunities then found her Key Club, which has many volunteer opportunities. She grew a huge love for Key Club and decided to run for the position of Lieutenant Governor because she loved being a club officer and thought becoming a District Officer would be a great way to lead fellow key clubbers on a District level. This year, she is hoping to be able to better herself, work with her Divisions clubs, and make as many friends as she can. When free, you can find Ana listening to Chance the Rapper, watching Forrest Gump, baking, or going for runs. If you would like to contact Ana, you can through her email: [email protected]

Division 3 Victoria Dietrich

With a goal to get more involved in Key Club, Victoria, a senior from the Riverview Area High School, knew that the position of Lieutenant Governor was right for her. A caring student, Victoria is in ski club, prom committee, yearbook, history club, and runs track even making it to WPIALS after two years of hard work. Her goals for the year are to help her community and learn more about Key Club. Her favorite service project is making puffy socks for the Children’s Hospitals and it’s her favorite because making them is fun but it also helps the children in those hospitals. When Victoria has free time, you can find her listening to Post Malone, watching The 100, going for a run, or playing with her dogs. If you ever have any questions for Victoria, you can reach out to her through her email: [email protected]

Division 4 Aleena Parenti

Hoping to meet some amazing people and wanting to make an impact on her community, Aleena knew the position of Lieutenant Governor was right for her. She is a creative, ambitious, and curious senior from the Freeport Area Senior High School. Aside from Key Club, Aleena is involved in marching and concert band, Girl Scouts, and Reading competition; however, she see’s being an attorney for her school's mock trial team to be her greatest accomplishment. In her free time, Aleena enjoys knitting, reading, and playing one of the six instruments she knows how to play. Her favorite service project is raising awareness and money for an organization that helps those who aren’t fed well and helps them get more secure. Aleena is here to answer any questions you may have! You can reach her at her email: [email protected]

Division 5 Libby Gianvito

A junior from the Punxsutawney Area High School, Libby ran for Lieutenant Governor to further her relationship with Key Club and hopes to make new unforgettable friends. Originally joining Key Club to become more involved with her community through service, Libby’s current favorite service project is hosting dances at their local elementary school to raise money for organizations such as UNICEF and Make-A-Wish. An ambitious, dedicated, and creative student, Libby is involved in Cross Country, Track and Field, Foreign Language Club, and Ski Club. Aside from school, she enjoys listening to Jeremy Zucker, and watching Criminal Minds and All American. Libby sees being elected Lieutenant Governor as her greatest accomplishment; however, she is also captain of her cross country team, and is passionate about painting, baking, and her job at an ice-cream shop! Want to reach out to Libby? You can contact her through her email: [email protected]

Division 6

Division 7 Miya Gillin

A responsible, happy, and reliable student, Miya is a senior from the Montoursville Area High School. This year, she is hoping to gain strong friendships and bring back a ton of information to her division to use and learn from! Miya enjoys spending time outside, hanging out with friends, writing, listening to country music, and watching All American. Her favorite service project is Random Acts of Kindness throughout the month of January because it spreads happiness to others with no expectations in return. In her junior year of High School, Miya was an intern at Sungazette, a newspaper published in Williamsport. Miya originally joined Key Club to give back to the community that gave her so much. Aside from Key Club, Miya is class president of her class, vice president of student government, assistant editor of the school newspaper, and on the yearbook staff. If you would like to reach out to Miya, you can through her email: [email protected]

Division 8 Valerie Naylor

A sophomore from the Lewisburg Area High School, Valerie is very excited to see what this Key Club year will bring and cannot wait to see the friendships she will make. Valerie’s favorite service project is volunteering at the food bank because everyone she met there was really sweet and grateful, which taught her that if you can do even a little, it can make someone very happy. Valerie is involved in cheerleading, Mini-THON, and choir. She enjoys Dunkin, watching Netflix, spending time with her dog Summer, listening to Madison Beer, and watching My Girl. After graduating, Valerie wants to move to Pittsburgh. She feels that being elected Lieutenant Governor was her greatest accomplishment and ran for the position because she thought it was a great opportunity to get more involved in Key Club. If you would like to contact Valerie, you can through her email: [email protected]

Division 9 Edie Myhre

Edie, a senior from the Red Land Area High School, joined Key Club to connect with others who also love service to their home, school, and community. An inquisitive, outgoing, and bubbly person, Edie enjoys exercise, traveling, listening to Broadway Music, and spending time with family. She is involved in Golf, Martial Arts, MiniThon, FBLA, class advisory, and student council. Edie’s favorite service project is something called project prom wear and it provides dresses and tuxedos for students who cannot afford them. This is Edie’s second year as Lieutenant Governor and she is very excited to work with this year's Board and her Division’s clubs! Edie feels that her greatest accomplishment is being named a Mid Penn conference all-star in golf. If you would like to reach out to Edie, you can through her email: [email protected]

Division 10

Division 11 David Stoshick

A member of the Kiwanis Family since 6th grade, David is a senior from the Pittston Area Senior High School. Joining Key Club to have fun volunteering with his friends, David’s favorite service project to do now is helping with his school's Food Distributions because he loves seeing and knows he’s a part of relief to families who are struggling. An inventive, caring, and determined student, David is the class of 2021’s Vice-President, a member of National Honors Society, FBLA, Health Science Club, and Art Club. David loves to travel, watch The Office, swim, cook, and play video games. He sees being elected as Lieutenant Governor as his greatest accomplishment taking on this role to better service his home, school, and community. His goals are to further develop his leadership skills, benefit his community, and make new connections. If you ever want to reach out to David, you can through his email: [email protected]

Division 12 Ariel Mitkowski

Ariel is a motivated, passionate, and organized senior from the Hanover Area Jr/Sr High School. Originally joining Key Club to be active and give back to her community, Ariel’s favorite service project is a local relay for life event. She loves to see her community come together at these events. This is her second year as Lieutenant Governor and she originally ran for the position to further serve her community and seeing as she has had another year in the position, hopes to accomplish a lot this year. Outside of Key Club, Ariel enjoys Gossip Girl, running, watching Youtube, and growing up she was in beauty pageants! Ariel hopes to have fun this year but also wants to keep great communication among her clubs. Have a question for Ariel? You can reach out to her at her email: [email protected]

Division 13 Naydelin Hernandez

Hoping to make friends and be the best Lieutenant Governor she can be, Naydelin is a senior from the Reading High School who came into this position to expand her circle and try something new. A hardworking, funny, and caring student, Naydelin is involved in art club, is crew for the school show, and plays for the varsity tennis team. Hoping to one day be a physical therapist, she is always there to help people and always hopes to make them laugh. In her free time, she enjoys going on runs, listening to music, reading, or watching horror movies. Naydelin originally joined Key Club because she wanted to give back to the community; however, the lavender walk, a walk for cancer, has grown to be her favorite service project. In 2019, Naydelin received the Key Clubber of the Year award! If you would like to reach out to Naydelin, you can contact her through her email: [email protected]

Division 14 Elyse Gallagher

A senior from the ManheimTownship Area High School, Elyse is excited to take on her second year as Lieutenant Governor. Elyse originally joined Key Club to get more involved in her community and stayed because of her love for service and helping others. Elyse’s greatest accomplishment is winning the Sandy Nininger Award at District Convention in 2019. Aside from Key Club, Elyse loves listening to country and pop music, biking, hiking, skiing, and listening to Taylor Swift. Elyse hopes to attend college to become a Physical Therapist. Elyse’s favorite service project is helping kids in her elementary school read and write. She originally ran for Lieutenant Governor to get more involved in the club and gained a new love and understanding for Key Club, so she knew she had to run again. Do you have any questions for the caring, adventurous, and passionate Key Clubber? You can reach out to Elyse through her email: [email protected]

Division 15 Jonnathan Robles

Jonnathan is a patient, loyal, and honest junior from the East Stroudsburg High School South. Born in Ecuador, Jonnathan’s says his greatest accomplishment is adapting to a new society. Wanting to meet people with the same interest and hoping to help his community on a greater scale, Jonnathan knew he had to run for this position. Aside from Key Club, Jonnathan runs cross country, track & field, is involved in DECA, plays soccer, and loves playing with his dog, Max. His favorite TV show is The Office and Atypical while he has no preference in the type of music he listens to. He originally joined Key Club because he is highly interested in the welfare of his community, and staying true to that his favorite service project is working in the soup kitchen because he loves to see that everyone is provided with a plate of food for the day. You can contact Jonnathan through his email: [email protected]

Division 16 Izzy Sheridan

A junior from the Parkland High School, Izzy is hoping to improve her division as well as make new friends during her time as Lieutenant Governor. She knew she wanted to run for the position after seeing the joy the position brought to her sister. An energetic, enthusiastic, and friendly student, Izzy is involved in swimming, sign language club, cross country, and French club. In her free time, you can find Izzy watching Iron Man, finding new recipes to cook, teaching swim lessons, or listening to any music she knows the words to! Originally joining Key Club because her whole family was in it and loved it, she stayed for many reasons, one of them being her excitement to see what service projects she’ll be able to participate in. Izzy’s feels her greatest accomplishment is qualifying for Senior champs for swimming in the mile. If you would like to reach out to Izzy, you can reach her through her email: [email protected]

Division 17 Hannah Santos

A hardworking, responsible, and kind person, Hannah is very excited to take on this year. She is a junior from the Daniel Boone High School who plans on working in the field of medicine someday. She joined Key Club to give back to the community that gave her so much and feels that it was one of the best decisions she has made because this club has brought her so much joy by doing so many meaningful service projects. Hannah is also involved in Connections, Varsity Club, Student Government, and is the Vice President of her class. She is also involved in several sports being cross country, swimming, and track and field. When in her free time, you can find her making a smoothie, watching Netflix or a movie, going on bike rides or runs, and spending time with her friends and family. Hannah feels that her greatest accomplishment is participating in the Berks County Cross Country Championship her sophomore year. If you would like to reach out to Hannah, you can through her email: [email protected]

Division 18 Alex Rasmussen

A senior from the North Penn Area High School, this is Alex’s second year as Lieutenant Governor. Originally joining Key Club through her school's activities fair, she knew she had to go to a meeting for all of the members! From there, she grew a love for the club and service projects that she participated in so she knew she had to advance to a higher role. An organized, kind, and enthusiastic person, Alex is in Reading Olympics, Politics Club, German Club, NHS, works as a cashier, and she loves Golf even doing Philadelphia Junior PGA events! Her goals for this year are to bridge communication gaps and create more community within her Division with the hope being that clubs interact with each other. Alex enjoys listening to Alternative and Indie music, watching The Society and Madam Secretary, and reading and listening to podcasts on politics. Have any questions or concerns for Alex? You can reach her at her email: [email protected]

Division 19 Romeo Perlstein

Romeo is a hard-working, reliable, and compassionate student from the Upper Moreland High School who is hoping to gain friends and form a new club this Key Club year. Romeo held this position in his sophomore year, took a year to focus on academics, and ran again this year because he wants to keep working with other Key Clubs in his area and missed being so involved in this club. When Romeo has free time, you can find him hanging out with his little brother, playing trumpet, watching Spongebob Squarepants, or drawing. His favorite service project is caroling at retirement homes because the people always seem to enjoy the singing and seeing the number of kids that come out to sing. Outside of Key Club, Romeo is a thrower for the Track team, participates in Minithon, and is in the Jazz Band. Romeo would love to hear from you! You can reach out to him through his email: [email protected]

Division 20 Lucie Song

A senior from the Conestoga Area High School, Lucie ran for Lieutenant Governor because she wanted to reach people through service on a wider scale. Originally joining Key Club because she had a love for serving others, Lucie now has a favorite service project of playing music at a Healthcare facility because it made her heart warm to see her causing so much happiness. She is involved in Tri-M, NHS, Chemistry Club, and is a Science Olympiad. Born in Louisiana, Lucie loves to make people smile and says nothing makes her happier. Lucie enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra, watching House or BBC Sherlock, playing saxophone, and learning random things. If you would like to reach out to Lucie, you can reach her through her email: [email protected]