District Board Roles and Responsibilities

With dedication and a sincere focus on the members and communities, being an officer on the district board brings unlimited opportunities to not only Key Club, but also each individual. Being a district officer is not easy and takes a lot of time, a love for service, and above all, commitment. By utilizing the International Board, staff, and District Kiwanis committee, board members have the ability to make the Key Club year the best learning experience possible. The friendships and leadership skills developed as a district officer will last a lifetime.

The district board is the main communication support link between Key Club International and club members. The most important function of the district board is to provide support so clubs can provide service to their communities. In addition to the International Bylaws, each district has the autonomy to assign duties to the district officers based on their club and district needs.

The District Governor, Secretary/Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor shall be elected at the annual District Convention. The Lieutenant Governors are elected at meetings of their respective division in accordance with the official Divisional Elections Procedure. If a one third (1/3) quorum of the division's clubs are not represented, the selection of the Lieutenant Governor is the responsibility of the out-going Board of Trustees who shall seek the advice of the club presidents within the respective division.

All officers shall enter upon their official duties immediately following installation (at the annual District Convention), and shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified.

District Governor

The Governor shall be the executive officer of the district and shall preside at all conventions and meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Governor shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees. It shall be the duty of the Governor to attend any convention of Key Club International.

The District Governor has the duty of furthering the objectives of Key Club International and promoting the interest of Key Clubs within their districts. They shall work closely with other International and district officers to strengthen and expand the Key Club movement. Each District Governor is the chief executive of his/her district, shall appoint all standing committees, and shall preside at the district convention and all meetings of the board of trustees of the district. He/She shall also attend the International Convention and all meetings of the International Council.

District Secretary/Treasurer

The District Secretary/Treasurer is endowed with all the duties and responsibilities of the District Secretary and District Treasurer. Including:

  1. Keeping all records and bylaw amendments of the District Convention/Leadership Conference and all meetings of the District Board of Trustees.
  2. Submitting a report on the secretarial and treasurer duties at the annual District Convention/Leadership Conference and at other such times as the District Governor or the District Board of Trustees may.
  3. Submitting to the proper officials and committees all communications from Key Club International.
  4. Cooperating with the District Governor in forwarding all official reports required by Key Club International.
  5. Collecting and tracking monthly club officer reports.
  6. Performing such other duties as may be assigned by the District Governor or the Board of Trustees.
  7. Monitoring dues collection and devise a workable collection program in cooperation with the Executive Committee to ensure the efficient collection of District and International dues.

District Bulletin Editor

The District Bulletin Editor is to produce and distribute the District publication. This publication includes not only pertinent District Information, but International and Divisional information as well. It is one of the main sources of publicity from the District Board to the members. The District Bulletin Editor is also to regularly update the District Website.

Lt. Governor

The Lieutenant Governors assists the District Governor in the work of the district within their respective division and shall attend all conventions and all meetings of the Board of Trustees. Each Lieutenant Governor presides at all divisional meetings and shall hold a minimum of two (2) such meetings during the term in office. One (1) divisional meeting is held in January or February for the purpose of electing a successor to the office of Lieutenant Governor.