Key Leader is a Kiwanis weekend leadership education program for high school students. Its mission is to provide a life-changing experience that inspires young people to achieve their personal best through leadership. It focuses on service leadership as the first, and most meaningful, leadership development experience. A Key Leader learns the most important lesson of leadership—that it comes from helping others succeed. Both Key Club members and nonmembers can attend this impowering weekend.

For information on Key Leader, please visit the Key Leader website.

For alumni resources, please visit the Key Leader alumni webpage.
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  • What have Key Leader participants been saying about the program?:

    • "Key Leader creates a comfortable setting that helps everyone discover talents within themselves. It was the spark that changed who I was and paved a brighter future for who I can become."
    • "Key Leader has been an aha moment not only for me but also for the students who attend. It gives insight to the Kiwanis mission and the amazing potential our youth have to offer."
    • "My favorite part of the weekend is watching my students reach their full potential and blossom as leaders. Kiwanis Key Leader changes lives."
    • "After her Kiwanis Key Leader weekend, my daughter seems to have a new drive and focus on her future. Being around the positive influence of the Kiwanis group has been an incredible experience for her."

    And when asked: What did you like about the Key Leader weekend?

    • I liked how such a large group was still able to connect.
    • It was amazing meeting new people and learning more about myself.
    • I loved meeting new people and taking chances that I never would.
    • I liked the challenges, mentally and physically.
    • It was a great learning experience and way to meet new people and make new friends.
    • Meeting new motivated people, learning that I can make a difference.
    • Being able to meet new people, grow, and push myself.
    • The time I spent with people who share common goals.
    • I loved this camp and I leave it a changed person. I want to come back next year and be a facilitator!
    • I had a wonderful, life-changing experience!
    • How I learned different things in another person's point of view and had fun doing it. The weekend allowed me to learn much about leadership, and I met many new friends!
    • Everything!