Pennsylvania Key Club

District Kiwanis Committee

Key Club International empowers students to become competent, capable and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through Kiwanis International’s Service Leadership Programs, such as Key Club International, Kiwanians and other adult volunteers enable its youngest leaders to serve their communities, opening doors for them to change the world.

The Kiwanis Committee consists of various individuals who are members of Pennsylvania Kiwanis clubs. The committee is responsible for the proper carrying out of the Key Club District organization's administrative functions in accordance with the Kiwanis District Board's approval.

District Administrator

Mr. Bob Orlando

Robert Orlando

Involvement in K-Family:
Key Club [4 years] (President)
Circle K [4 years] (Club President, District Secretary)
Kiwanis [22+ years] (Club President, Lt. Governor, Kiwanis Advisor)

Current Kiwanis Club: Wyoming Area

Professional Career: Business Owner

Experience gained through K-Family: "My experience as a Key Clubber has laid the foundation for my social and professional life. It developed my organizational leadership skills which are put in use every business day. Key Club has also led me into Circle K & Kiwanis where I have made life-long friends."

Assistant Administrator for Finances / District Kiwanis Office

Mr. Kevin E. Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Involvement in K-Family:
Circle K [4 years] (Governor)
Kiwanis [26+ years] (President, Secretary)

Current Kiwanis Club: Cumberland County

Professional Career: Non-profit management

Zone 1 Administrator

Division 1
Mrs. Cathy Szymanski

Cathy Szymanski

Involvement in K-Family:

Kiwanis [20+ years] Distinguished past president, Distinguished past secretary, Distinguished past LTG, past trustee, distinguished past Governor, District Growth Chair

Current Kiwanis Club: Erie and eKiwanis 2.0

Professional Career: CEO eIT Support

Experience gained through K-Family: “My experience in Kiwanis has certainly been extraordinary, from strengthening my leadership skills, to having more volunteer opportunities that truly help my community as well as me on a personal level. I have also made some amazing friends that I consider to be my closest of friends that I would never had met if it had not been from Kiwanis.”

Zone 2 Administrator

Divisions 3, 4/5, 6, 8/10
Mr. John Mazurowski

John Mazurowski

Involement in K- Family:
Key Club 4 years
Kiwanis Scholarship
Kiwanis 10 years
President 2 terms
Distinguished Club
LTG 2 terms
Club Counselor
Formula Team
Key Club Zone 2 Administrator

Current Kiwanis Club:

Professional Career:
Physicist / Engineer
Chief Technologist- Photonics

Experience Gained:
Service Leadership

Zone 3 Administrator

Divisions 13N, 13S, 16N, and 16S
Mr. Ryan Hartman

Ryan Hartman

Involvement with K-Family: Kiwanis [5+ years]

Current Kiwanis Club: Dillsburg Area & PA eKiwanis 2.0

Professional Career: Non-Profit Management

Experience gained through K-Family: "I have learned so much about the K-Family; I look forward to the future"

Zone 4 Administrator

Divisions 11, 12N, and 12S
Matthew Alexander

Matthew Alexander

Zone 5 Administrator

Divisions 15N, 15S, 17/18N, and 18S
Sgt. Mike Coolbaugh

Robert Orlando

Zone 6 Administrator

Divisions 19N, 19C, 21, and 22
Ms. Stefanie Patounas

Robert Orlando

Involvement in K-Family:
Builders Club [2 years] (Club President)
Key Club [4 years] (Club President, Lt. Governor)
Circle K [4 years] (Club Officer, Lt. Governor)
Kiwanis [5+ years] (Club Officer, Kiwanis Advisor, District Chair)

Current Kiwanis Club: Lititz Area

Professional Career: Non-profit Management

Experience gained through K-Family: “My experience in the Kiwanis family has afforded me the opportunity to work with and learn from individuals who are driven by helping others. In doing so, I have strengthened my leadership skills and made life-long friends.”

h3. Pennsylvania District Kiwanis Governor (13-14)

Judy Raub

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