Key Club is a service organization for high school students, which operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body. The club is a unique organization because it is sponsored by a local Kiwanis club, composed of the leading business and professional people of the community. Key Club's objective is the development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices. It functions not only on a local level, but on a district and international level as well. This highly developed structure provides programs, literature, and the opportunity for students to relate to other teenagers from across the globe. Key Club is the largest service organization of its kind with over 270,000 members from approximately 6,000 clubs.

The Club

Although there are district and international levels within the Key Club Program the local club is the foundation of this organization. The members and the club perform the real services. Also, another unique feature of Key Club is that it is run by the Key Clubbers themselves; the adults are there to advise and counsel only. Students develop the programs, organize the projects, run the meetings, and take the initiative to serve.


Dues Like any worthwhile undertaking, Key Club costs money. To defray some of the costs of operating such a large organization, Key Club International charges annual dues. Districts also charge dues, which vary in amount from one district to another. In Pennsylvania, district dues are $6.50 per person and International dues are $7.00 per person,making total dues $13.50. With this money, each Key Clubber receives the Keynoter, the official publication of Key Club International, an official membership-theme emphasis card, and a wealth of other materials and information literature, most of which is free of charge. All Key Club dues are spent directly on Key Club activities and projects, which ultimately strengthens local clubs.


International Key Club Convention The annual Key Club International Convention is usually held during the first week of July. Here, new programs are introduced, awards are presented to outstanding clubs and district officers, the International Constitution and Bylaws may be amended, educational workshops are held, and international officers for the upcoming year are elected.

Each district conducts a convention in the spring that is similar to the International Convention, but limited to only one region of Key Club International.

Attending these conventions will not only inspire you for the next year of service, but will also provide you the opportunity to meet many new people from different cities, states, and countries. Plan now to attend the upcoming convention.