Each Key Club is led by a student board. The club president, club vice president, club secretary, club treasurer and club bulletin editor comprise the board. In some cases, one or more of these offices may be combined (i.e. secretary-treasurer or secretary-bulletin editor).

Article 3 of the Key Club International Bylaws states that the officers of each Key Club shall be the president, one or more vice-presidents, the secretary, the treasurer, the editor, and one director from each class. These officers shall constitute the Board of Directors of the club and shall be active members in good standing of the club.

The president, vice-president(s), secretary, treasurer, and editor should be elected at a meeting in February. These officers-elect shall serve until their official installation following the district convention. Prior to their installation they should attempt to learn the aspects of their respective positions from the current officers. The duties of each office are described in greater detail below.

The directors of the club shall be elected from and by the classes they represent at the first meeting of the club following the opening of school in the fall and shall serve for one year.

The committees of the club and the duties of the committees shall be prescribed in the club bylaws. The club president shall appoint all committee chairs and assign each club member to one or more standing or temporary committees.

Club President

The club president is responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of the club, running club meetings, appointing committee chairs and delegating tasks as necessary, recruiting, training and retaining members and maintaining regular communication with the lieutenant governor of his or her division. Check out the Club Officer Guide - Be the President

Club Vice President

The role of the club vice president can be summarized in one word: service. The vice president serves the president, other club officers, committees and the general membership. He or she is also expected to learn the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary. Learn more about the roll of the vice president, read the Club Officer Guide - Be the Vice President

Club Secretary

The office of secretary is one of the most demanding in the organization and a good secretary is essential to the proper functioning of any Key Club. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping records and maintaining all important files for the club. Check out the Club Officer Guide - Be the Secretary

Club Treasurer

The club treasurer controls the club’s money, both its collection and disbursement. He or she collects member dues, prepares and monitors the budget and maintains accurate financial records. View the Club Officer Guide - Be the Treasurer

Club Bulletin Editor

The club editor is responsible for keeping the membership informed about important activities, opportunities and deadlines at the club, district and international level. The “bulletin” may be a printed piece or electronic update. To learn more about the role of the bulletin editor, read the Club Officer Guide - Be the Editor