Division 1 Gabrielle Harding

A quick-witted leader, Gabrielle is a rising junior from Warren Area High School. She joined Key Club because her friends loved it and she wanted to check it out for herself. Other than Key Club, Gabrielle is a part of the prom committee and the tennis team. Her favorite animal is a horse. She once collected gifts around Christmas time with her clubs, and got to give them to families in need. Her biggest inspiration is her mother, and she strives to be like her every day. Maya Angelou once said this quote, close to Gabrielle’s heart, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor, and some style.” Her favorites include Daya, The Last Song, and Fries with milkshakes. Her goal in life is to do the best that she can in everything she does. A service project she enjoys is the Angel tree, which collects Christmas gifts for head start kids that are in need of them. She watches Netflix way too much, loves knee boarding, and loves adventuring to different places. Don’t chew with your mouth open around Gabrielle, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Gabrielle? Email [email protected]

Division 3 Allie Pultorak

We all need an Allie Pultorak in our lives. Her energy, even as a rising junior, inspires her home club of North Allegheny Senior High School. Allie originally joined Key Club because she wanted to volunteer with her friends, but she stayed because of memories like her first board meeting. Her biggest inspirations are the people who are able to continue to persevere in society regardless of all those tearing them down. She always remembers the quote, “Sometimes the people no one imagine anything of, do the things no one can imagine.” Her favorites include dogs, Vampire Weekend, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban, and Pizza. Her goal in life is to help people by changing things, perhaps politically. Her favorite service project though, is making dog toys out of old tee shirts because she once did it with her home club and it was a huge success. Allie can wiggle her ears, has broken her left wrist six times, and made her first pun at age one when she posted a picture of Elmo on the fridge when asked if she wanted to watch an emo tape. Don’t break the hook part of pens and pencils around Allie, it’s her biggest pet peeve.Have a question for Allie? Email [email protected]

Division 4/5 Leah Ford

A close friend to Governor Grace, Leah is a rising junior at Riverview. She joined Key Club because she thought it would be a good way to build leadership skills, serve my community, and make friends(She was right!). Other than Key Club, she likes soccer, track & field, SADD, Student Council, History Club, Spanish Club, and Orchestra. Her favorite animal is a dog. Her biggest inspiration is Grace Ison (*Editors Note*-not sure if she put that down seriously). Her favorite quote: “Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.” Her favorites: Ed Sheeran, The Best of Me, and Steak. Her Goals in life are to attend a good college, work hard, and be happy while doing that. Her favorite service project is to play bingo with the patients at the local Veteran’s Hospital. Leah can pogo stick and jump rope at the same time, has never been swimming before, and has a wingspan that is oddly 5” longer than her height. Don’t take Leah’s food, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Leah? Email [email protected]

Division 6 Emma Galiardi

If you want a strong leader, look no farther than Emma. She’s only a rising sophomore at Riverview, but is a big figure in her community. She joined Key Club to become more involved in service, but stays because of memories like when she did her first ever service project. Besides Key Club, Emma is also an active member of SADD. Her favorites include Polar Bears, The Chainsmokers, Divergent, and Pasta. Her biggest inspiration is her Key Club Advisor. Her favorite service project is Yuda Bands. Emma has a cat, although once she had six cats at the same time, has always lived in Pennsylvania, and has been to the Bahamas. Don’t be lazy around Emma, it’s her biggest pet peeve.Have a question for Emma? Email [email protected]

Division 8/10 Jordyn Powell

Jordyn is a senior from Punxsutawney High School Key Club, and can’t wait to inspire the underclassmen. She joined Key Club in 8th Grade to be able to help as much as possible to help serve her community and build friendships that would last forever. Other than Key Club, she is in softball, basketball, tennis, loves Netflix, stargazing, reading, skiing, hunting, journaling, and traveling. In her free time she loves going to sporting events around Pittsburgh. Her favorite animal is the Giraffe. Her goals in life include graduating high school, going to college to receive a business degree, and go to grad school after that, but most importantly stay a part of the K-family. Her favorites are Justin Bieber, Benchwarmers, and chicken tenders with fries. Her most powerful service project is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. North Carolina is her favorite state, spiders are her biggest fear, and One Tree Hill is her favorite Netflix show. Don’t be late around Jordyn, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Jordyn? Email [email protected]

Division 11 Gracey Gibson

Get ready for Gracey, she’s a junior from State College High School Key Club, and can’t wait to help you this year. Gracey joined Key Club because when her friend asked her if she wanted to come to Key Club meeting, and so she’s gone to every one ever since. Besides Key Club, she’s in Mental Health Awareness Club and does Archery! Her favorite animals are Otters. Gracey’s favorite Key Club memory is when her school has a big charity event and she gets to hear from the charity representatives about their stories and how her school is helping them. Her biggest inspiration is Jessica Cox, the first pilot with no arms to fly. The quote she holds dear? “Quality is not an act, it is a habit,” -Aristotle. Her favorites: Ed Sheeran, the Wizard of Oz, and Pizza. Gracey’s goals in life are to have a good and stable job, have a family, and continue helping as many people as she can. Gracey loves art, plays the guitar, and travels quite often. Don’t leave empty boxes in the pantry, it’s Gracey’s biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Gracey? Email [email protected]

Division 12 North Olivia Evans

In Montoursville Key Club, one of the many leaders is senior Olivia Evans, not only for her position, but also for her positive attitude. Although she joined Key Club because she wanted to be more involved in her high school and give back to the community that helped her in her entire life, she stayed for the memories like meeting and serving everyone at DCON 2017. Her biggest inspiration is Evanna Lynch. Other than Key Club, Olivia is part of Tennis, Track and Field, Spanish Club, FBLA, SADD, Culture Club, Spanish National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Rho Khappa, National English Honors Society, Prom Committee, and Science National Honors Society. Her favorites include Zebras, all the Harry Potter movies, and Ice Cream. Her goals in life are to go to college and become a Physician’s Assistant. Her favorite service project is The Mentoring Program with the kids at her local elementary school. She is a huge perfectionist, is obsessed with Harry Potter, and is terrified of snakes and spiders. Don’t be super cocky around Olivia, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Olivia? Email [email protected]

Division 12 South Margaret Karpinski

Influential to her community, Maggie is a leading junior from Shikellamy High School. She joined Key Club because her eighth grade science teacher, one of her current advisors, was the person who made her aware of the Kiwanis family because of Builders Club in middle school, and when she reached high school was told her next step was Key Club. Other than Key Club, she is part of Young Politicians Club, Spanish Club, and Spirit Club. Outside of school, she is an instructor for Catherine Treon School of Dance and is an active member in her church. Her favorite Key Club memory happened at 2016 International Key Club Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. It was great to get to know more about Key Club, because she personally never realized how large and important Key Club is to the world. She loved getting to know the International President, Governor Morgan Coolbaugh, and the past district board. They are the people who influenced her to run for lieutenant governor, too. Her biggest inspirations are her mom and her dad for supporting her and Governor Morgan. Her favorites include Shawn Mendes, The Blind Side, and Pork Tenderloins.Her goals in life are to go on to college and become a lawyer. Her favorite service project is Caring for Kids, where she packages weekend meals for the less fortunate children in her school district. She is the youngest child of four siblings, has been doing ballet since she was two, became an aunt when she was nine because of her five nieces, and loves coffee so much her local Dunkin Donuts knows her order by heart. Have a question for Margaret? Email [email protected]

Division 13 North Trey Trkula

It’s hard to forget about Trey’s infectious smile. He’s a junior from Susquehanna Township Key Club, and looks forward to serving Division 13 North. He joined Key Club because he was an incoming freshman and his friends told him to join. He says joining Key Club was the best decision he ever made. Other than Key Club, he is a part of Student Government, Prom Committee, Mini-THON, Lukemia & Lymphoma Society Committee, Cross Country, and Tennis. His favorites include Mooses, Ed Sheeran, The Silence of the Lambs, and Goldfish. His biggest inspiration are the people who overcome their challenges, no matter how difficult, and the ones who have made a living out of something they truly enjoy. His favorite quote: “I am Beyonce, always.” -Michael Scott. His goals in life are to simply make people happy, along with feel good about himself and whatever he is doing. Trey is colorblind, so he thinks money is brown, loves to run, and he genuinely loves meeting people(he can’t wait to meet his division). Don’t have obnoxiously long fingernails around Trey, it’s his biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Trey? Email [email protected]

Division 13 South Madeline Smith

Here’s Maddie, who not only is a part of South Western Key Club, she’s in FBLA, Debate Team, Field Hockey, Cheer, Track & Field, Lacross, Chorus, Orchestra, and Link Crew. Maddie is a junior this year. Maddie joined Key Club because her teacher inspired her to be a leader in something more meaningful than student council. Maddie’s favorite animal is an elephant. Her favorite Key Club memory is the District Trainer in April, but a service project she thought was interesting was when she and a couple members were excused from school to go to New Hope Ministries. There, she and the other students worked to unpack, sort, and arrange shelves and tables of clothing, books, toys, etc. for families in need. Her favorite quote is “you should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” Maddie is a fan of Post Malone, The Breakfast Club, and Tacos. Maddie’s Goals: graduate top 10 in her class, go to a well accredited college and law school, be a successful lawyer, have a healthy family, and stay humble. Maddie can’t snap, and prefers Coke to Pepsi. Don’t chew loudly around Maddie, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Maddie? Email [email protected]

Division 15 North Jazmine Owens

Don’t forget about Jazmine! Jazmine is a senior from Pittston Area, who dreams big and lives for community service. She joined Key Club because she wanted to get more involved in her community. She’s very glad that she did, because she has met her best friends through Key Club. Other than Key Club, Jasmine is a part of Young Lawyers’ Club, Journalism Club, Junior Leadership Wilkes-Barre, Art Club, Model UN, Student Council, FBLA, and National Honor Society. Her favorite animals are dogs. Once, she walked with the Pittston Kiwanis in the Pittston Tomato Festival Parade and sang songs from High School Musical very loudly with her home club. Her biggest inspiration is Michael Scott. Her favorites include Blackbear, Kill Bill, and Bread(*Oprah voice* I. Love. Bread.*). Her goal in life is to become a civil rights attorney. Jazmine works at an ice cream shop, is a Sagittarius, and is a member of the Yale Young Global Scholars Class of 2016. Don’t be rude or have bad manners around Jazmine, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Jazmine? Email [email protected]

Division 15 South Autumn Bullek

Autumn has a confident air about her, being only a Sophomore at Hanover Area, yet still a prominent leader. Autumn joined Key Club because she’s always had a passion for helping those around her and when she found Key Club, she felt like she had found a family. Other than Key Club, Autumn loves Varsity Soccer, STEM Team, Envirothon, Peer-Tutoring, Track, and Cross Country. Her favorite animal is a pygmy marmoset. When her home club organized a “movie night” for local kids and parents, she set up a stand and sold things, and remembers this as her favorite Key Club memory. Her favorite quote: “To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” Her favorites include Judah Dadone, The Lion King, and Sushi. She has a Rottweiler named Lucy, but also 6 cats: Kitten, Ghost, Mittens, Nala(you sense the Lion King influence), Oreo, and Boo. Autumn speaks Japanese and plays piano! Don’t lie to Autumn, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Autumn? Email [email protected]

Division 16 North Haileigh Walmer

Haileigh is a high school senior from Conrad Weiser, and she can’t wait to get started this year. She joined Key Club to help her community and nation, but stayed because of memories like going to DCON and seeing everyone that volunteers to change the community. Besides Key Club, Haileigh is in color guard, marching band, algorithmics, JCL, medical explorers, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her favorites include Celine Dion, pandas, The Blind Side, and of course, pasta. Her biggest inspiration is her family and friends that are in her life every day. Her goals in life are to go to medical school and become a surgeon, have a big loving family, and to volunteer her time for the betterment of everyone. She has a boxer-lab mix named Cheyenne and a duck named Flippers. She has 5 siblings, loves to try new things with her hair color, and likes to paint. Don’t be immature when it’s easily avoidable around Haileigh, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Haileigh? Email [email protected]

Division 16 South Lauren Kaufman

Lauren knows what she’s doing. People can tell because she’s just a Junior from Manheim Township Key Club, but shows so much leadership. Although she joined Key Club because she always loved helping out her community through service, she stayed because of memories like when DCON 2016 showed her that Key Club is bigger than just her local community and she got to learn about service projects in other schools. Her biggest inspiration is her older sister because whenever she fails, she gets right back up and overcomes the challenge. Theodore Roosevelt said her favorite quote, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” Her favorites: Ed Sheeran, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Steak. Her goals in life are to work in the medical field and know she is still helping people. She has a cat, dog, and bunny. She has never left the country, but dreams of travelling to Argentina. Don’t scratch your nails on a chalkboard, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Lauren? Email [email protected]

Division 17/18 North Alona Garza

Division 18 South Zoe Sheridan

Zoe always brightens up the room. As a rising junior from Parkland High School, she can’t wait to change the world. She joined Key Club because she was in Builders Club in middle school, and stayed in Key Club for memories like when she made puppy chow with her closest friends. Besides Key Club, Zoe is in swim club, runs track and cross country, is the Vice President of French Club, and is a member of other school clubs like Peer Assisted Learning Support Club, Latin Club, and NHS. Her favorite animals are monkeys. Her biggest inspiration is her mom, because she’s one of the strongest and smartest people she knows. She likes repeating the phrase “train insane or remain the same” to herself to stay pumped up. Her favorites include Charlie Puth, High School Musical, and Ice Cream. Her goals in life include swimming throughout her whole life, have a successful career, and travel the world. A powerful service project she likes is making chocolate puzzle piece lollipops for Autism Awareness. She has a twin and also two twin sisters, loves staying active, and travels to the UK every year to visit her family. Don’t say you are going to do something and then not do it, it is Zoe’s biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Zoe? Email [email protected]

Division 19 North Erica Presson

Stepping onto the scene, Erica is a rising senior from Perkiomen Valley High School. Erica joined Key Club because she wanted to be part of an organization in high school that betters the world through service and volunteering. Erica’s passion has always been helping those in need and she feels that Key Club is where she belongs! Other than Key Club, she works at her local YMCA as a lifeguard, leads her school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club, helps her school’s freshman through Link Crew, is an active member of NHS, and learns about medicine through volunteering at hospitals. He favorite animal is a dog, because dogs are a woman’s best friend! Her greatest inspiration is Malala Yousafzai because she fights for women’s rights in her country, though she almost died in the process. At such a young age, her impact never ceases to amaze Erica. Her favorite quote: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” -Proverbs 16:3. Taylor Swift, Good Will Hunting, and salad are at the top of her list of favorites.Her main goal in life is to succeed through pursuing medicine at a hospital, using her Spanish-speaking skills to take mission trips to underdeveloped countries, and teach her children about faith and service. Erica has donated her hair three times! Don’t be lazy around Erica, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Erica? Email [email protected]

Division 19 Central Anna Connolly

Anna is an inspiring young leader from the senior class of Souderton High School Key Club. She joined Key Club because it wasn’t very popular her freshman year, and she wanted to do something different. It turned out to be the best choice of her life. Other than Key Club, she is involved in field hockey, musicals, Link Crews, NHS, and her local watersheds conservation corps. Her favorite animal is the flamingo. Her favorite Key Club memory was DCON 2017, because it was her first year coming to convention and she met many new people. She returned to her home club overflowing with ideas for improvement. A Youtube video called ‘You Can Be a Hero Too’ makes her cry every time. Her favorites include Taylor Swift, live action Cinderella, and Homemade Apple Pie. Her goals in life are to be happy, stay close to her family, and travel everywhere. Her home club hosted a book drive and collected old and used books. When they donated to the local schools and libraries, it was super rewarding to her. She is left handed, has four younger siblings, and drives a stick-shift car. Don’t take her food without asking, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Anna? Email [email protected]

Division 21 Grace Kim

Grace is here and she’s looking to change the world. She’s from Wissahickon High School, and will lead there as a senior. Grace joined Key Club because it presented an opportunity to help others in a way she hadn’t been able to before and emphasized how one person can make the biggest difference in a community. Her first volunteering event was a 5K for the American Cancer Association and her job was to hold up the giant “start” sign with her friend. It was so windy that the paper sign kept folding and kept almost flying away. So, she set it down and laid on top of it so it wouldn’t fly away. She had to lay on it so the runners would know where to start. She laughs to this day about how weird she probably looked, but it proved to herself how ready she was to be dedicated to help the event thrive. Her biggest inspiration is her mother, because of how hard she works to make the lives of the people around her better, through small acts of kindness. Her favorites: Beyonce, Moana, and Spaghetti. Her goals in life are to travel the world and work in different countries, so she’s able to learn about different cultures and meet people. A great service project she loves is a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society last year, where half of her club collected donations from everywhere they could to raise 5,000 dollars. She can play 3 instruments, speak 3 languages, and watches Youtube in her spare time. Don’t take Grace’s food, it’s her biggest pet peeve(Leah Ford’s too!). Have a question for Grace? Email [email protected]

Division 22 Nandhini Krishnan

Hailing from Great Valley High School Key Club as a junior, Nandhini exerts happiness. Nandhini joined Key Club because of the passion that she has towards helping her community grow, and she wanted to be able to meet and work with other students who share the same interest as her. Besides Key Club, she is part of her school’s quiz bowl team, Women in Science and Engineering Club, Model UN, Math Club, String Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra, not to mention Bharatanatyam(Indian Classical Dance) outside of school. Nandhini’s favorite animal is the elephant. In her sophomore year, she got to organize and run various events within her Key Club, and she will never forget the opportunity it gave her to use her ideas and take initiative to help benefit the community. Her biggest inspiration is Michelle Obama because she is a role model to all girls combating gender specific stereotypes. Michelle Obama serves as an example to all girls aspiring to be a strong, independent woman, and she has proved to the world the significance and power of a woman in society. Her favorite quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” -Martin Luther King Jr. Her favorites: Adam Levine, Pitch Perfect, and Mac and Cheese. Yum. Don't use squeaky pencils and markers around Nandhini, it’s her biggest pet peeve. Have a question for Nandhini? Email [email protected]