Thank you for your interest in the Pennsylvania District and Key Club International Awards, Recognition's and Scholarships.

Below are a few items to highlight before you begin applying for any contest, award, recognition, or scholarships:

Your Key Club (or members) do not need to attend the annual district convention to apply!

It is a common misconception that a club and its members need to attend the annual district convention to apply. Any Key Club (or member) is encouraged to apply by the designated deadlines located on each contest, award, recognition, or scholarship. If an entry is required to be submitted at the convention, and a club or individual is not attending, arrangements must be made with the District Administrator to secure the entry.

Any Key Club (or members) applying must be in good standing.

A Key Club may not apply for any contests, awards, recognition, or scholarships if the club’s current dues have not been paid. In addition, a member may not apply for individual award, if their membership dues have not been paid. Dues payments are subject to verification with Key Club International and the Pennsylvania District’s dues records.

Please ensure that if you have used a project or activity that it meets the designated deadlines.

Appropriate certifications are needed for most awards, recognition, or scholarships.

Please make sure that all appropriate documentation and signatures are obtained. An application may be disqualified if it does not have the required elements.

It is important that Key Club members are the primary contributors in all applications. While Key Club members may seek the advice or council or Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor(s)/Member(s), they should not be the primary contributor.

Last, we ask that all Key Club members, Faculty, and Kiwanis Advisor(s)/Member(s), please be respectful of all the contests, awards, recognition, and scholarships offered by the Pennsylvania District and Key Club International. These are meant to recognize club and individual accomplishments and should be seen as “friendly competition”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact District Administrator Bob Orlando at [email protected] or (570) 881-8444.