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Think about it: There are a ton of ways to ask someone to support a cause—Facebook, texts, e-mail, IM, widgets, Twitter, events, direct mail, magazines, donation boxes, in-person. Though it may seem easier to rely on tried-and-true Key Club members and faculty, the most successful Key Clubs are looking outside their groups for financial support. They’re planning fundraisers designed to attract dollars and media awareness.

You can too, by learning how to raise money to conduct life-changing service projects and build Key Club awareness.

Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)

The Youth Opportunities Fund is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation.

This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships.


YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world

Project Ideas

Reach your fundraising goals with these project ideas. These suggestions can be modified to work in your club and community. You can use this list to plan your service year or to start brainstorming new ideas. Remember: all projects need good planning, enthusiasm and club support.

To view the full list of ideas with details, download the Key Solutions PDF.

Check out the Outside-the-box fundraisers article in the September 2010 issue of Key Club magazine for more ideas.

How to Implement Your Project

A true service club wants to meet the needs of its school and community. The best way to make sure your school and community needs are met is to conduct a survey.

Once you have decided what type of project you would like to implement, you can use this Project Planning Form to help you plan it!

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