Pennsylvania Key Club

Faculty/Kiwanis Advisor

Where to start?

Key Club members get more out of high school. They appreciate what they have. They become caring leaders. They do good deeds in their community and around the world. Find out how you can do your part to encourage and inspire these extraordinary teens. Tap into these helpful tips and tools.

Perhaps a good way to start in your role as advisor is by reading all pertinent Key Club information and going to to learn more through the Key Club videos and literature. Then, study past minutes and scrapbooks of the local Key Club. With this background, begin thinking about what will have to be done to make the Key Club a success.

The role of a faculty or Kiwanis advisor is an important one. You will be called on to give of your time, your energy, and your enthusiasm. Because of your dedication and commitment, students will be provided with a valuable tool to become better leaders and also be provided with an organization with which to serve their home, school, and community.

    Top Advisor Tips

    • Dues: Make sure dues are collected and paid to Key Club International. Ensure your club has updated its membership roster.
    • Club Operations: Meet monthly with your leadership team/board of directors. Set agendas and assist with their leadership needs.
    • Club Meetings: Don't sit in front of the room or lead any meetings. Ensure meetings are about service, social, ceremonies, awareness, education, committee meetings, or personal development.
    • Advising Committee: Form an advisory committee. Don't do the advising all yourself. Set small roles based on skills and make one person in charge of training annually.
    • Club Officer Training: Hold annual training and planning conference each year with officers. The Pennsylvania District organizes training in the division. Contact your Lt. Governor for more information.
    • Interact with your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club: Meet frequently with a member of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Keep the communication lines open.
    • Don't Get Hung Up On: Paperwork, tracking service hours, parliamentary procedure, or t-shirt colors!
    • Focus on Service: Get your hands on the service your Key Club members want to do!
    • Community Evaluation: Access the needs of your community to gain interest from the club members. Also, utilize the skills of the club members to start or do activities.

    General Advisor Resources

  • Key Club 101 (2.66 MB)
    Key Club 101 - 8.17.10
  • Adult Guidelines and Liability Powerpoint (715 KB)
    PowerPoint covering liability issues when working with youth. Specifically focused on issues dealing with conventions and conferences. - 11.12.08
  • Adult Guidelines and Liability Powerpoint - Kiwanis International Convention (486.32 KB)
    PowerPoint covering liability issues when working with youth. - Summer 2010
  • Suggestions (246.18 KB)
    Suggestions for Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors to Key Clubs - 11.12.08
  • Faculty Advisor Resources

    Faculty Advisor Guide 2015

  • Faculty Advisor Guide (474.81 KB)
    A comprehensive handbook for Key Club faculty advisors. Includes a calendar, frequently asked questions, scholarship info, and more. - 11.12.08
  • Kiwanis Advisor Resources

    Online Key Club Sponsorship Toolkit
  • Sponsoring a Key Club (249.72 KB)
    How a Kiwanis club can effectively sponsor a Key Club. - 11.12.08
  • Awards and Recognitions

  • G. Harold Martin (471.58 KB)
    Introduction to G. Harold Martin recognition for Key Club members, with order form.
  • A.G. Terry Schaffer Honorary (2 MB)
    Introduction to A.G. Terry Shaffer Honorary recognition for service, includes order form.

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