Pennsylvania Key Club


Sep 21, 2015 | Posted in News

One of the major responsibilities associated with Club Treasurer is collecting/submitting membership dues payments. Dues for Key Club members in Pennsylvania are $13.50 ($7.00 for International and $6.50 for District). Dues and membership tracking are done on the membership update center. It is easiest to constantly keep up with membership tracking throughout the year so when the deadlines arrive there is little or no stress.

The most frequent question about dues from club members is, “Why pay dues?” Many aspects factor into the answer:
• A student is not considered a member until dues have been paid.
• A Key Club must pay club dues to be in good standing and eligible for awards, and to attend district and international events.
• Your district dues help provide training to student leaders, support district programs and support general expenses.
• International dues help create resources to support the organization at every level. These resources include Key Club magazine, promotional materials, posters, membership cards and pins, awards, educational training, the Key Club weekly email and annual club support resources.

When handling dues it is important to keep two dates in mind:
November 1 – Early bird deadline; dues must be submitted by this date for Club Treasurers and Presidents to be considered for distinguished awards.
December 1 – Dues payment deadline
Please keep in mind that new members can be added throughout the year and the deadlines mentioned above are the deadlines for initial membership payments. In fact, membership recruitment is encouraged throughout the school year.

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