Governor Grace Ison

Meet Grace Ison, the eclectic yet organized governor who takes immense joy in running PA Key Club. Grace decided to join Key Club because of her powerful experience with Builders Club and how so many people she looked up to were a part of Key Club. Grace is a rising junior who is so involved in her school Riverview, she decided to hit enter in the biography survey to answer. She’s in Model United Nations, Orchestra, SADD, Spanish Club, Student Council, and she babysits. Her favorite animal, always a classic, is the flamingo(sure it’s the state key club mascot, but she also volunteers at the aviary)! Grace is extremely proud to see the impact of music and animals on nursing home residents when she volunteers. “Moose”-Maggie Karpinski. She loves Lake Street Dive, Footloose, and Tacos in that order. Her dog, named Ginger, has the instagram account @gingerthejapanesechin. She was once preened by a flamingo(please ask her about this), she has held a human brain, and she got the privilege to name a bookstore! Don’t try to scare Grace, because you will both most likely succeed and it’s her biggest pet peeve. Want to contact Grace? Email [email protected]!

Secretary-Treasurer Jason Marcinn

Ever hear of Jason Marcin? You probably have, because he’s president of Lake Lehman’s class of 2018, Vice President of Lake-Lehman Theater, member of student council, writer/director of children’s CCD christmas plays, and a student columnist for Citizens Voice. Jason joined Key Club because he wanted to better his school and the area he lives in and leave a positive impact on the world around me. Jason has a passion to serve his community, so he realized that Key Club helps him do that and more. He’s a rising senior, and can’t wait to kick of Key Club this year with a great start. To him, Key Club has been nothing but memorable and has shaped who he is as a leader. Jason’s biggest inspirations are Joe Biden/Barack Obama memes. “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.”-John F. Kennedy. Jason likes Adele, Dumb and Dumber, and steak! He has a cat named Machete, and a blind, diabetic dog named Daisy. Jason has a pathological fear of the Mona Lisa; has shaken hands with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton(twice), Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden(also twice); and is addicted to vanilla milkshakes. Careful, don’t eat or chew with your mouth open around Jason, it’s his biggest pet peeve. Want to contact Jason? Email [email protected]!

Bulletin Editor Sebastian Immonen

Enter Sebastian Immonen, the ambitious visionary behind this very website. Sebastian often goes by “Seabass” so don’t be surprised if a group conversation with him quickly sounds like a fishing trip. Sebastian joined Key Club because of how powerful it was to see his sisters helping the community through Key Club, and he hopes to emulate them and see how far he can help. You can find Sebastian in the North Allegheny Marching Band and Jazz Band playing the trumpet, NHS, Student Council, DECA, National English Honors Society, Amnesty International, and his ever-precious Latin Club. Sebastian loves sea leopards, and his greatest inspirations are his sisters. His favorite Key Club memory is a Save the Children Talent Show his Key Club used to raise two thousand dollars for children in need. He also really enjoys the Yuda Bands fundraiser which creates scholarships for students in third world countries.“Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.” Sebastian likes Sia, the Great Gatsby, and Angel Hair Pasta. Sebastian hopes to end up starting a nonprofit, working in politics, or working in urban planning. Sebastian is a quarter Chippewa-Sioux, vehemently hates mashed potatoes, and was once asked if he was Adam Hicks. Please never introduce yourself as “quirky” to Sebastian, it is his biggest pet peeve. Want to contact Sebastian? Email [email protected]!